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Do You Have a Medical Malpractice or Dental Malpractice Case?

JD.MD, Inc. has provided medical malpractice and dental malpractice case evaluations, medical expert witnesses and dental expert witnesses, and support services to plaintiff and defense attorneys throughout the United States and Canada since 1978. JD.MD provides comprehensive evaluations on the merit of your case. We will help you confidently decide the cases to accept, which will substantially reduce your up-front investment. JD.MD provides the formulation of your initial strategy and increases your chance of winning.

JD.MD has board certified medical experts and dental experts from all specialties, and in all geographic areas, throughout the United States and Canada. Our physician expert witnesses and dentist expert witnesses are available for consultation, depositions, and court testimony in cases they deem to be meritorious. Our highly qualified physicians and dentists fit the profile of experts most convincing to juries. Board certified experts increase your chance of winning and can substantially increase the amount of the award.

Medical Expert Witnesses & Dental Expert Witnesses
Medical Malpractice & Dental Malpractice Case Evaluations

JD.MD's Newest Service

JD.MD offers assistance to individuals, who do not yet have an attorney but think they are the victims of medical malpractice or dental malpractice. A qualified physician or dental reviewer will evaluate your records and render a preliminary written opinion, outlining the strengths and/or weaknesses of your case. If you have a meritorious case, we will refer you to an experienced medical malpractice or dental malpractice attorney.

What Separates JD.MD from the Competition?

JD.MD's Comprehensive Screening Reports are performed by appropriate physicians and dentists. We do not rely on "in-house" medical and nursing evaluators. JD.MD's medical and dental reviewers provide credible opinions. In some cases, these opinions have resulted in settlements early in the discovery phase.

Board Certified Medical Experts

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